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Discover Corpse Of Real Michael Jackson

Posted on: December 14, 2007

SANTA BARBARA, CA—During a search for evidence at the Neverland Valley Ranch, investigators discovered a corpse that has been identified as that of Michael Jackson, Santa Barbara police officials announced Tuesday.

“Coroners have officially pronounced Michael Jackson dead. From what we can tell, he died between 18 and 20 years ago,” forensic investigator Tim Holbrooke said. “We are not certain, at this time, who—or what—has been standing trial in that Santa Maria courthouse.”

We positively identified the body as Jackson by his dental records and DNA,” Holbrooke said. “But even before we conducted a single forensic test, we began to suspect that that we’d uncovered the real Michael, and that the disturbing figure claiming to be Jackson was a fake.”

Holbrooke said that, although the corpse was in an advanced stage of decomposition, when investigators compared the body to early-career publicity photos of Jackson, they saw a striking resemblance in bone structure and facial features. But when they compared the body to photos taken after 1987, the resemblance was negligible.

“This discovery raises a lot of questions, but it also sheds light on a number of disturbing incidents,” Holbrooke said. “Frankly, Jackson had been acting pretty strange.”

“When we were recording ‘Heal The World’ for Dangerous, I could tell something was terribly, terribly wrong,” MJJ manager Luke Allard said. “Michael didn’t seem like himself anymore. He’d demand bizarre food and sit for hours in a hyperbaric chamber. His appearance began to become more and more peculiar. Soon afterwards, he started wearing a mask and confiding in a chimpanzee.”
“This is very disturbing news,” Gustafson said. “But to be honest, it’s kind of a relief too. Thriller and Off The Wall are really amazing records. Now I can pull them out of my ‘ruined by child abuse’ storage bin and start listening to them again.”

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BUT Michael Jackson is Dead Hoax from here

An email forward is circulating in which it is claimed that the real Michael Jackson is dead and that an impostor, possibly of supernatural origin, has taken his place. The message is disguised to resemble a genuine news report and includes images of the discovery and “the creature that claims to be Michael Jackson”. According to this “news report” the corpse of the real Michael Jackson has been found buried under miniature-train tracks at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. Supposedly, forensic tests indicated that the body has been there for many years. The story implies that the entity currently claiming to be Michael Jackson is in fact an otherworldly figure – perhaps a demon.

Of course, there is not even a shred of truth in this far-fetched tale. The story is satire, and is presumably intended to amuse and entertain. This tale originates from a recent feature on the satirical news site, The Onion.

When viewed in it’s original context on The Onion website, it is quite clear that the story is satirical and not intended to report a real incident. In fact, all stories featured on the Onion website are satirical in nature. Unfortunately, because the story is now circulating in the form of a sourceless email forward, some credulous recipients actually believe the story to be true in spite of its fantastic claims.

A closer examination of the information should reveal its satirical nature to even the most gullible of readers. Naturally, if true, such a story would be front-page news around the planet.

False reports about the deaths of celebrities are not uncommon. During 2004, a satirical “news” report about the death of American Idol’s William Hung spread widely via email and the Internet and hoodwinked many readers.

so is Michael Jackson dead or alive ?
This current Michael Jackson is real or imposer ?


1 Response to "Discover Corpse Of Real Michael Jackson"

quite creepy! if that story were true! but then again it would explain a lot. Does anyone out there even believe in otherworldly figures?!

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