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Posted on: September 15, 2007

Gemini ( may22- jun21)
Compatible With:
Very Good : Aries Cancer Scorpio Taurus Libra Leo Sagittarius
Good : Pisces Capricorn Aquarius Gemini Virgo

Gemini Man:
The dual nature of Gemini man combines two completely different personalities. He always contradict himself due to this dual personality. His personality keeps changing constantly. He cannot be tied down to one place or one idea. He cannot stand routines. He could breakdown with boredom. He likes to converse and mix with people and hates loneliness. He is generous with money. He has a brilliant humor, tact, diplomacy and adroitness yet lacks persistence and patience. He is faithful and very honest person. He likes his woman to be a mental companion, one who matches his wits. He is not an egotist.Love is not just physical to him.He is a romantic person. He makes a friendly father and very close to them. He spoil them as he doesn’t like to impose any discipline over them.

Gemini Woman:
A Gemini woman has multiple natures. She is faithful, adroit, gracious, charming, and a romantic woman with intense passion. She is very friendly. She is very adjustive. She loves outdoor games. She would get bored by routines. She is honest, intellectual, restless,nervous with wavering minds. She is quick witted and can get into, and get our of any argument. She is friendly with the children and makes a good mother. She influences her children and thereby help in making them independent like her.


Cancer ( Jun22- Jul 22)
Compatible With:
Very Good : Scorpio Gemini Pisces Leo
Good Aries : Taurus Libra Capricorn Virgo Sagittarius

Cancer Man:
Cancer man’s passing moods are synchronized to the moon. He can be flirtatious but can also be sensitive and loyal. He is very cautious regarding money and security. Though he spends money frugally he willingly share it with someone he likes when they are in need. He is a romantic person and also practical and sensible. He is soft and affectionate at heart. Though he looks tough outwards he is soft and affectionate at heart.He is very close to his mother. He loves to be petted and babied by women.His standards are high and not every girl can meet them. He makes a caring, gentle sympathetic and understanding father.

Cancer Woman:
Cancer woman’s’ moods often keep changing. She is modest.She is always careful with money and shows interest in the growth of the saving account. She can’t stand being rejected, ridiculed and criticism.She is a good cook and mother at heart. She would go to any extent of sacrificing for those she love. She is very possessive, but never aggressive.Patience is her virtue and it reflects in her love. She has a good humor. She is a pillar of strength to her family. She is a mother by nature as such makes a great mother to her children. The warmth of her love makes her home rich.


Aries ( March22- April 20)
Compatible With:
Very Good: Leo Cancer Sagittarius Pisces Taurus Libra
Good: Scorpio Capricorn Aquarius Aries

Aries Man :
Aries man is very intense and tend to go to extremes. He is very passionate and gives himself totally to the woman he loves. An Aries man is scrupulously faithful and honest in love. Adultery is distasteful to his honest nature. He is possessive and jealous in the extreme. He demands the same fierce and unquestioning loyalty that he gives in both love and friendship. As he is a born leader, he always like to lead and refuse to follow. He expects the full attention from his woman and at the same time gives his to her. He makes a warm and affectionate father.

Aries Woman:
Aries woman is very independent and doesn’t rely on her man for support. She is very optimistic. She is very possessive of her man and at the same time very faithful and loyal to him. Her conversation is very intelligent.She is a woman who is honest, passionate and exciting. She is little bossy and impulsive too.


Taurus ( apr21- may 21)
Compatible With:
Very Good : Gemini Virgo Capricorn Aquarius Libra Taurus
Good : Aries Scorpio Sagittarius Pisces

Taurus Man:
Taurus man is very very stubborn, ambitious, composed, strongand talks less. When he loses his temper – which is rare – he could be destructive and violent. His actions are slow and steady and he cannot be pushed by anyone as he always stand by his own principles. He has strong character, great physical power, endurance and is a homely person. He is loyal and devoted to his family. His romance starts only after he finds that his partner has lots of qualities which appeal to him. He likes his partner to be feminine and intelligent. He likes music and art. He is simple person and doesn’t like extravagance. He is courageous and dependable and have lot of strength to face any kind of crisis. Taurus men make loving, affectionate, warm and sympathetic fathers.

Taurus Woman:
Taurus woman is strong enough to handle any type of emergencies or crisis. She has remarkable self-control. She is practical and loves naturality. She is also sensuous and likes music . She is a hard worker and never complain about anything. She is always there to support the family in the times of financial crisis and sickness. She never expects to be supported without contributing her share. She dislikes weakness in any form.


Leo ( jul23- aug22)
Compatible With:
Very Good: Sagittarius Pisces Cancer Aries Scorpio Leo
Good: Gemini Virgo

Leo Man:

Leo man is dominating, jealous, kind and good hearted. He is faithful. He is very good in fixing the problems. He knows what he wants and knows how to get it and keep it. He is overbearing, and unless the partner is submissive and docile, it leads to clashes. He is frank.Enjoys sports. He needs to command and be loved. He does anything for the person who loves him. He makes a warm, wonderful father.

Leo Woman:
Leo woman is a born leader, sentimental, generous, dignified and strong. She enjoys sports. She spends a lot on dressing. She is very faithful. She needs appreciation. As a mother, she is generous,affectionate as well as strict and a disciplinarian. She is also a good career woman and will balance her home and career with perfect aplomb.


Virgo ( aug23- sep22)
Compatible With:
Very Good: Aries Scorpio Taurus Libra Leo Sagittarius
Good: Pisces Capricorn Aquarius Gemini Virgo

Virgo Man:

Virgo man is not a outright romantic. He is practical and self disciplined. His love is unselfish. He seeks quality rather than quantity in love. He seeks a decent, honest and genuine relationship. Once he finds such a relationship, it’s permanent as he would go to any extent of sacrifices to make it so. He takes care of material and emotional needs of his family well. They are very possessive and also very loyal. He is very neat and tidy person and cannot tolerate untidiness. He is hard working and well dressed. He will make a responsible father and implements discipline with his children.

Virgo Woman:

Virgo woman is a pure hearted person. For her loves should be pure and she wouldn’t mind any amount of suffering to attain it. She is a perfectionist and doesn’t allow any sort of shortcomings in the relationships. She would terminate a relationship if she finds that it’s imperfect. She can be a good financial advisor. She has an independent personality and doesn’t depend on her husband for everything. Her discrimination capability makes her a good critic. She is very faithful and for her beauty means truthfulness. She is trustworthy and one can safely trust her with any secrets. She is courageous and responsible. She is also a good cook and makes a gentle mother. She is also a firm disciplinarian and with it instill good habits in her children.


Libra ( sep23- oct22)
Compatible With:
Very Good: Gemini Virgo Capricorn Aquarius Libra Taurus
Good: Aries Scorpio Sagittarius Pisces

Libra Man :
Libra Man has a strong charm which is irresistible. He is known for his fickleness. He is inclined to go through more than one relationship before deciding whom to marry. He is extremely trustworthy.He doesn’t like to hurt others. His is so fair that being unfair is a equal to murder for him. He is an expert lover. He is logical, rational, fair, sensible and practical person.He is lavish with cash. He likes a clean and organized home. He likes the woman to take initiative. He is a doting father.

Libra Woman:

Libra woman treasures the man she’s chosen to love and honorabove all else on this earth. She is a perfect companion and is romantic.She doesn’t like to be a stone around her husband’s neck. She is fair and weighs everything twice before making a decision. Her decisions are usually right, as they are made after careful considerations. She is highly intellectual and has amazing powers of analysis. She makes a good professional advisor in business. One cannot help appreciating her efforts at fairness and her ability to judge correctly by weighing all sides,when it comes to something that really matters. She is sentimental and affectionate. She is very dependable and raises herself to face the problem when there is crisis in the family. A Libra woman is affectionate and never neglect her children.

Scorpio ( oct24- nov21)
Compatible With:
Very Good: Cancer Leo Sagittarius Pisces Taurus Libra
Good: Aries Scorpio Capricorn Aquarius

Scorpio Man:

Scorpio man is extremely passionate and also intelligent i.e.,he has traits of passion and reason hence emotions and intellect rule him equally. He is very strong tempered. He is considered very sexy, and he is very true when he is in love. He is a self-contained man and not affected or influenced by others opinions. He is very inquisitive and one cannot hide anything from him. He is straight forward and doesn’t bother if it hurts the other person sometimes.The magnetism of a Scorpio is hard to resist especially when he is after you and wants you. He loves homely and motherly woman. He is loyal, tender, considerate and shower that extreme love on the wife who understand him. As a father he is a disciplinarian.

Scorpio Woman:

Scorpio woman is confident, magnetic, proud, possessive and a deep person. She is very accurate in assessing the intentions of the others and can tell exactly whom to trust and whom not to. One cannot succeed in fooling her. Her emotions are extreme i.e., she can hate with bitter venom and love with fierce abandon. A strong, masculine and intelligent man suits her best. She is loyal and intensely passionate. Truthfulness and honesty are dominant in her character. She is very protective of her man and is a disciplinarian at home. She likes power. She returns double the amount of what ever she gets whether it be kindness, love, insult or hatred. She refuses to see any viewpoint other than hers. A Scorpio mother is always there to attend to her children’s needs and is a good teacher to them

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